"Mediocrity is not an option, excellence is my standard."
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  • Hi, I'm Gerald. My background includes:

    • -Systems analysis consulting for pro audio & computer systems
    • -Marketing for Coca Cola products
    • -Merchandising for Avid Technology
    • -Ranking #1 in sales and performance at Guitar Center

Welcome To My Web Portfolio

This is my interactive web portfolio/resume. I wanted to make a creative, but professional platform so you can learn a little bit about me and we can connect to network further.

Feel free to browse around and discover how I can be of help to you. I'd love for us to work together.
"Mediocrity is not an option, excellence is my standard."
-Gerald Griffin

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Gerald's Skills

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing strategy & campaign design
  • Advanced sales & negotiation tactics
  • Results oriented management techniques
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Experienced in group training/coaching

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Dave Pensado

Dave Pensado"I have found Gerald to be professional, intelligent, and always willing to do more than the job required. I have seen Gerald perform perfectly under stress, and take the initiative when others were not willing to do the same. Gerald is a person who is a self-starter and does not require constant supervision to get the job done."

Dave Pensado (TV Host/Multi-GRAMMY Winning Mix Engineer)
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Location: Sacramento, CA
Phone: (323) 354-8306
Website: www.geraldigriffin.com
Email: Gerald@SolutionsArtLLC.com